The Giving Challenge


September 20, 2016 at 12:00pm - September 21, 2016


Online Fundraising Event

The Giving Challenge

Suncoast Waterkeeper has been protecting our region’s environmental quality for four years, without paid staff and negligible administrative costs.

NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP! And the timing couldn’t be better...

We​'ve been fighting two greedy, very wealthy developers ​that are abusing their power, trying to subvert and dismantle environmental laws to squeeze every penny out of coastal habitat in the Suncoast, at the expense of mangroves, wetlands and our cultural heritage. Our main arena is the Courts and we are pressing forward with several cases that require continued financial support.

​Carlos Beruff​ ​​​will not back off his plans to develop the waterfront at Long Bar Pointe. To realize his despoliation, he is attempting to overturn ​Manatee County's Comprehensive Plan ​and turn Mitigation Banking Rules and Agricultural Exemptions on their head​, creating a corrosive precedent​ and vulnerabilities throughout Florida's protected resources.​ Nor will Pat Neal relent in his effort to destroy protected mangroves on Anna Maria Sound in order to build million dollar homes. We've won important victories in both these cases, but Beruff and Neal won't give up and the appeals and costs of the battles are mounting.

Similarly, we cannot let a massive fifty-year dredging project in Sarasota's Big Pass proceed in the dark, without a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement -- as required by law. Its time to take a stand, and we're up to the job. Help us raise the funds to fight the good fight.

We’ve been busy. Check out our Website and Facebook page to see recent press and events.

From noon September 20​ until noon September 2​1​, donations made to Suncoast Waterkeeper through the Giving Challenge will be matched, thanks to the generosity of the Patterson Foundation​. First time donors giving up to $100 via the Giving Challenge will see their donations matched 2:1 and returning do​​nors will be matched 1:1.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, go straight to our link on the Giving Challenge:



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