Gathering Community Input and Advocating for Inclusive Waterways


Limited public access to the Suncoast's waterways has restricted many communities from experiencing the sights, smells, and recreational opportunities these natural resources provide. In particular, the Whitaker Bayou watershed has faced challenges in providing equitable access and maintaining water quality for local communities.

Suncoast Waterkeeper believes that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and recreational activities offered by the Suncoast's waterways. We work collaboratively with local partners, such as the North Sarasota Environmental Working Group, to ensure equitable access and clean water within the Whitaker Bayou watershed and beyond.


Suncoast Waterkeeper, learning from successful efforts on the Hudson River and other waterways worldwide, has partnered with the North Sarasota Environmental Working Group to address equitable access and water quality issues in the Whitaker Bayou watershed. Through our legal action, we have funded partners working to improve water quality in the area.

The working group gathers community input, advocates for change, and funds waterway improvements, such as the enhancements at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park – the only recreational waterway on the Suncoast with a fence that limits community access. Our collective efforts aim to create more inclusive, accessible, and clean waterways for everyone to enjoy.  If you are interested in joining the Working Group, contact [email protected].