Eyes on the Suncoast - this is worth protecting

Help Suncoast Waterkeeper Keep Watch over Our Waters

The waters on the Suncoast are worth protecting.  You can help us keep Eyes on the Suncoast by reporting what you see.  Whether boating, biking, swimming, or walking, everyone out on the water or just going by can help remind residents and visitors why the Suncoast is worth protecting.  Suncoast Waterkeeper can't be everywhere at once; that's why your contributions to information are vital. We have worked to make it easy for you to submit what you see.

How can you Keep Eyes on the Suncoast?

You can help Suncoast Waterkeeper keep Eyes on the Suncoast by reporting what you see.  We want you to report the good and the bad using #eyesonthesuncoast

The 2 ways you can report what you see include:

1) Using the form below (bad/pollution report only).

2) Posting to Facebook or Instagram

You can report what you see on your social media platform by following these 4 easy steps.

1. Post a picture

2. Include a description of what you see

3. Provide the latitude and longitude for your location using your phone's compass or by dropping a pin on a map app, and

4. Be sure to add #eyesonthesuncoast 

What to report?

Good stuff like:

  • wildlife sightings
  • clear water
  • sunrise and sunset
  • healthy seagrass
  • picturesque scenery

Bad stuff like:

  • Trash/debris
  • Excessive mangrove trimming
  • Dead mangroves
  • Fish kills
  • Dead aquatic animals
  • Discolored, foamy or foul-smelling water
  • Sewage spills
  • Algal blooms
  • Floating oil and grease
  • Sediment runoff from construction sites
  • Direct pollution or chemical spills
  • Invasive species


Got questions?  Send them to [email protected]


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