Wetlands are Critical Components of Clean Water


Development pressures are reducing wetland functions and services

As harmful algal blooms increases across the Suncoast, removing protections for wetlands that perform essential water quality cleanup services is a bad idea. It has long been understood that Floridians are overwhelmingly in favor of clean water policies, which include wetland protections.  Wetlands are under extreme development pressure.  Wetland mitigation does not add up to a no net loss of wetland functions and services.  Where wetlands exist in the landscape is extremely important to watershed health.  Over half of Florida wetlands have already been lost to development.  In order to maintain and enhance water quality, we must ensure protection of remaining wetland resource.  



Suncoast Waterkeeper will continue to advocate for responsible wetland policies.  In Manatee County, that means working on a compromise for language changes being considered in the Land Development Code.  We continue to inform the public about changes to wetland laws and policies.  Together we can make our voice heard and stop the destruction of our wetlands before it is too late.