Save Our Wetlands

We're taking action to ensure that another threat to our quality of life, local economy and waterways doesn't become a reality.  Manatee County has proposed removing policies of the Comprehensive Plan and sections of the Land Development Code to allow for the destruction of our wetlands and wetland buffers.  These changes would create permanent damage.  Once wetlands are gone, they are gone for good.   

Wetlands are protected ecosystems because they perform a wide variety of important functions; chief among them is their ability to clean up polluted water.  This function alone should have the County Commission and its appointed Planning Commission fighting to protect these valuable ecosystems in the face of an increasingly harmful red tide.  Wetlands do more than enhance water quality; they protect us from flooding, provide habitat for Florida wildlife, and replenish our dwindling groundwater supplies.   

So why would Manatee County Commission want to push changes that would destroy wetlands in the face of red tide?  The answer is simple: they want more developable land to put corporate profits before our quality of life, our local economy, and water quality. 

It is time to take action to make sure these changes do not become a reality. Will you join us in protecting our wetlands?  Add your name to our petition that we are sending to the Manatee Board of County Commissioners.  Together, we'll protect what makes the Suncoast special.  

Read our letter to the Manatee County Board of Commissioners for more information.

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