Public Information & Accountability

Suncoast Waterkeeper conducts independent monitoring and investigations, but also relies on public access to government information. We seek to provide members and the public with the necessary tools and information to understand environmental issues and our work so that they are familiar with coastal resources and challenges to help our community engage government officials more effectively. 

We regularly monitor Public Notices of Pollution, Public Notices relating to Permits for projects and developments of concern, publicly available files for specific facilities through the State Document Management Portals like Oculus and the FDEP Portal, Harmful Algae Bloom and other water quality condition reports from municipal government, State and Federal agencies. 

Some examples and resources that we encourage all to use:

While we regularly monitor pollution information, if you see something, say something!  Reach out to us about pollution or development concerns in your community.

And here are some resources we encourage members and the public to use to reach out and engage government officials:

Finally, to get your students and kids involved, here is an excellent resource brought to us by a wonder group of individuals who know a lot of about water. 

*Suncoast Waterkeeper does not endorse O.Berk, its services, or products and does not have any affiliation with the company.