Petition for the EPA to Regulate Phosphogypsum



Phosphogypsum is a radioactive, toxic waste created by the fertilizer industry. Phosphogypsum is stored in stacks, rather than placed in a landfill or recycled, because the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined the radon gas it emits presents an unacceptable risk to public health.

Yet even in stacks, phosphogypsum poses a substantial present hazard and an unreasonable risk of injury to human health and the environment.

That’s why conservation and public health organizations filed a legal administrate petition on February 8th, 2021 urging the EPA to improve federal oversight of the phosphogypsum.

We need you to speak up and ask the EPA to take swift action to regulate phosphogypsum as a hazardous waste and toxic substance under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and Toxic Substances Control Act in order to protect our environment and vulnerable communities from this toxic, radioactive waste.  

 We need your help in a small but powerful way - Sign the petition today.