How We Monitor

How We Monitor

SCWK conducts regular monitoring of bacterial levels in 11 recreational sites throughout the Suncoast. The Benchmark EnviroAnalytical lab examines the samples for harmful bacteria called Enterococci, which is associated with fecal pollution from humans and animals.

The results are posted weekly on our social media feeds.

This long term monitoring project has been possible only because of generous grant funding and support from the Mote Scientific Foundation, the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program, the Coastal & Heartland National Estuary Partnership, Manatee Fish and Game Association, and individual citizens like you.

Don’t see an area that you would like monitored? For $160 per month, we can add your location to our list of monitoring sites.



  1. Collection of Samples

    Our long term monitoring project begins with the collection of 11 samples every Tuesday from the same locations. These sites are used for recreational purposes but are not tested by the government.

  2. Lab Examination

    The collected water samples are processed at Benchmark EnviroAnalytical Inc. and undergo lab examination to measure the amount of harmful bacteria (Enterococci) associated with animal fecal pollution. This testing process takes approximately 48 hours to complete.

  3. Results & Updates

    Once the lab examination is completed, we post the results on our social media accounts every Friday. This allows followers to stay updated and informed about water quality conditions in their area.