Harmful ‘Forever’ Chemicals


Suncoast Waterkeeper is dedicated to monitoring and advocating for the removal of toxic substances, such as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), from the Suncoast's waterways. PFAS are a group of "forever chemicals" that can persist in the environment and accumulate in humans and animals, posing significant health risks.

PFAS contamination has become a pressing environmental and public health concern in the Suncoast region. These harmful chemicals are found in various industrial and consumer products, and their widespread use has led to the contamination of water sources. The persistent nature of PFAS makes them extremely difficult to break down, leading to long-term pollution and health hazards.


Suncoast Waterkeeper actively addresses the issue of PFAS contamination by participating in water sampling and analysis to identify the presence and levels of these harmful chemicals in our waterways. We worked with Waterkeeper Alliance to monitor waters upstream and downstream of industrial areas on the Suncoast.  With those results in hand, we are now advocating for stricter regulations on PFAS usage, disposal, clean up, monitoring, and enforcement. You can support this cause by telling Congress to pass the Clean Water Standards for PFAS Act.