Protect and preserve our local bays through the Love Your Bays Consciously campaign! This campaign will be a year-long effort beginning in Summer 2024 to recruit, manage, and train volunteers who proactively and reactively tackle ever-growing threats to clean water in our local bays. 

Wondering how you can Love Your Bays Consciously? Here are three key actions:
1) Protect Aquatic Habitats
2) Reduce Pollution
3) Help Your Community
Beginning this summer, we will recruit volunteers and business owners to become ambassadors for the Love Your Bays Consciously campaign.  Donations received from the 2024 Giving Challenge will be used to fund this effort.  Join us in adopting these actions and to Love Your Bays Consciously.

Together, we can create a future where clean water and thriving ecosystems are the norm, not the exception.