Industrial Pollution Clean Water Act Enforcements


For several years, Suncoast Waterkeeper has been monitoring Whitaker Bayou for industrial pollutants. Suncoast Waterkeeper brought three separate cases against Trademark Metals Recycling, Suncoast Metals LLC and Atlantic TNG LLC over industrial pollution in Whitaker Bayou. Industrial stormwater pollution is the result of rain falling on and moving across stockpiles of electronics, concrete, mechanical debris and other industrial materials. Rainwater picks up these toxic materials and deposits them downstream into ditches, canals, creeks and bayous like Whitaker Bayou. Eventually these waterways then deposit the toxic materials in our bays.


Suncoast Waterkeeper found that Trademark Metals Recycling’s pollutants included particulates, aluminum, copper, iron, lead and zinc. In 2020, the case was settled and $55,000 was paid to Sarasota Bay Estuary program to enhance the bayou.

Suncoast Metals LLC’s pollutants included particulates, aluminum, copper, iron, lead and zinc. They settled in 2021 and paid $10,000 to Sarasota Bay Foundation to enhance the bayou.

Atlantic TNG LLC’s pollutants included iron and particulates. The case was settled in 2022 and $10,000 was paid to Sarasota Bay Watch to enhance the bayou.

A coalition has been formed to create a community-based approach to Whitaker Bayou enhancements with the settlement funds.  The community is working through the coalition to improve access to Whitaker Bayou at MLK Park.  If you are interested in joining the coalition, contact Christine Quigley at the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program -- [email protected].