Giving Challenge 2022

Every two years, the Community Foundation of Sarasota County hosts the Giving Challenge.  For 24 hours, April 26-27, the Foundation matches donations from $25 to $100.  We need your help to ensure that we can continue fighting to protect our water, quality of life and local economy.  You can help us have our most successful Giving Challenge yet.  

As we get ready for the Giving Challenge, we need to spread the word.  Will you help us recruit your friends and family to the Suncoast Waterkeeper Giving Challenge team?  Become a Suncoast Waterkeeper Giving Challenge Ambassador. 

You can use this page, and the personalized link provided, to reach out on social media and through email to your network and encourage them to sign up for our Giving Challenge email list.  The top 10 Suncoast Waterkeeper Giving Challenge Ambassadors will win Suncoast Waterkeeper swag including a hat, t-shirt, a metal print of Sarasota Bay by our chairman, Rusty Chinnis, or a Sarasota Bay boat tour with a board member and our executive director.  

Your continued support has enabled us to continue fighting back against the growing threats to our water and quality of life including:

  • Helping to stop a bill in the Florida State Legislature that would have led to more destruction of seagrass and manatee habitat.  
  • Filing a Clean Water Act lawsuit against the State of Florida, Manatee County and HRK Holdings to ensure that Piney Point is safely shut down. 
  • Providing regular water quality testing throughout the area. 
  • Organizing forums and advocacy to help address red tide.
  • Suing to stop sewage spills in Sarasota County, which resulted in the new construction of an advanced wastewater treatment facility at Bee Ridge.  

Together, we'll preserve what makes the Suncoast special, while creating an even brighter future.  

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