Save Our Mangroves

We're taking action to make sure yet another threat to our quality of life, local economy and waterways doesn't become a reality.  Powerful property developers have submitted a proposal to Manatee County that would weaken the Comprehensive Plan toallow for the destruction of our mangroves and conversion of dwindling natural shoreline into seawalls and fill.  Their cynical proposals would change the current policy priority from protection of natural coastal habitat and environmental infrastructure in lieu of development, to prioritizing the developers' desire to fill in mangrove wetlands and build destructive sea walls in Manatee County.  This plan would create permanent damage.  Once the mangroves are gone, they are gone for good.   

Mangroves are one of the best defenses we have against dangerous storms and coastal flooding, they provide a habitat for important commercial and recreational fish, support seagrasses, and improve water quality. 

So why would developers want to push a plan that would destroy them?  The answer is simple: they want more developable land to put corporate profits before our quality of life, our local economy and water quality. 

It is time to take action to make sure this plan doesn't become a reality. Will you join us in protecting our mangroves?  Add your name to our petition that we are sending to the Manatee Board of County Commissioners.  Together, we'll protect what makes the Suncoast special.  

For more information, read our letter to the Manatee County Board of Commissioners.

Will you sign?

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